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Vintage Market Deli

Vintage Hot Smoked Salmon

Marinated for 8 hours and Hot Smoked, this Salmon is simply the best yuou will ever taste. Sizes approx 120g, 150g or 180g. Gluten Free / Dairy Free.

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Smoked Salmon Pate

Legendary, Vintage Smoked Salmon Pate. Extraordinary flavour from the delicate wings and cheeks of our South Island smoked Salmon, the best you will taste.....ever! GF

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Vintage Spicy Smoked Brisket

An impressive spicy, thin sliced cold meat. The brisket has been rubbed with a Texan style dry spice mix and slow smoked for 8 hours.  Approx 160g pack.  

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Vintage Air Dried Chorizo

Fabulous Spanish style Chorizo Sausage. Perfect for eating in its air dried form, but impressive in all facets of cooking. From pan frying to Paella, to Pasta, to omlettes, to...

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Danish Havarti

An imported classic Havarti. High is fat gives a beautiful flavour and texture with a light salty after taste. Perfect! 120g to 130g pieces.

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Vintage Twice Smoked Pork Belly

Rolled in rock salt and cracked black pepper these twice smoked Pork Belly portions are perfect for low & slow cooking. 80 degrees for approx 2 1/2 hours......Rich and Tender...

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French Brie

The best traditional French Brie we have found. Incredible length of flavour and super soft texture. 120 to 130g pieces.

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Blue Cheese, Port & Walnut Pate

The Walnuts have added another dimension to an already huge palate of flavours. Again, if you love Blue Cheese.....need we say more! GF

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Vintage Smoked Chorizo

This Manuka smoked version of the Spanish style Chorizo is perfect for an antipasto platter or grazing with an aged cheddar.

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Vintage Bel Paso

An incrediblie Italian style cheddar with a full long lasting flavour. My personal favourite! It balances perfectly with our pan fried Chorizo. 2 sizes 110g approx & 140g approx.

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Vintage Ash Brie

A NZ made, aged Brie. The "Ash" is charcoal that is pressed onto the rhind which gives this beautiful soft Brie an earthy/mushroom flavour. Spectacularly different! Approx 120g pieces.

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Smoked Kumara & Lime Pate

Smoked Orange Kumara with a zesty lime after taste. Sitting on a base of caramelized onion gives this broad set of amazing flavours. GF

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